Tom Bombadil…. Sort of

This is for the group topic from what was once Barefoot Kraken of Westerness. Once in a while, Nathan develops a topic and encourages the rest of us to join in. This week was “Tom Bombadil.” After struggling through several actual attempts at portraits of Tom Bombadil, I gave up. It just wouldn’t work for me. So instead, I sort of took a more representational approach.

2 Responses to “Tom Bombadil…. Sort of”

  1. The branch turned out really cool. (And jacaranda-esqe, which, come to think of it, the purply-blue swirl is also reminiscent of… I wonder what tree you like… 🙂 )

  2. The weedage really is quite nice. And I love etheric swirls of manifest import.

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